About Us

Alison & TonyaAlison grew up on a small farm in Idaho where she developed her love for cooking. She watched Julia Child from her parents black and white T.V. on public access and dreamt of far away places to travel and cook in. Alison was able to reach some of those dreams while living and traveling Asia and Europe. She then settled back in the big city of Las Vegas where she met the most important figure in her life. “Tonya”

Tonya a very powerful & determined person coming strait out of the capitol of Vermont looking for the action that life has to offer. She spent her early years helping others and always looking for the next big thing. Tonya takes the initiative to move West and lands ironically in Las Vegas where she runs smack into the one who will help her find that excitement in life. “Alison”

Tonya and Alison now work and play hard in the high altitude of Aspen.  This small Colorado town has offered a giant playground for the duo. When they are not either walking dogs or catering, they hike, bike, camp, fish, ski, and socialize in the mountain air.

Tonya and Alison are larger than life characters and always look for the best in people. As long as the world turns they will continue making smiles on the faces of the locals and producing the freshest quality dishes for those who appreciate it most. “THE ASPENITES”